Introduce new agents to common operation methods. Put up a three layer field over Birmingham. Create carefully planned tunneling links for Operation Nachos scheduled the following day. Finally to introduce new agents to common tools used during Resistance Operations.

Date Time: 
August 8th, 2014, 8pm checkpoint.

First field 503,318
Second Field 542,924
Third field  577,259
Total MU 1,623,501

Field Planner:
Agent DrOverdose

Agent Godseye

Key Collectors and Transferers:
Agents DrOverdose, BlackwaterFen, ColonelQuincy, Barbarboi, Uncleflip, Sundrop

Agent WhiteEyebrow

Link Throwers:
Agents margaritafera, trekkerj1, DrOverdose

Lane Clearing:
Agents Cally001, TommytheSalami, sullicn, d1seng4ge, Stomper64, Nittireborn, Alaman226, Goldear, M0u5e, Strafer, LeeMajors, thetimex, trekkerj1, margaritafera, lillunkin

Anchor Locations:
Pell City, AL (External)
Marion , AL
Uniontown, AL (External)
Warrior, AL
Hanceville, AL (External)

We planned three fields using the North South anchors on one side to create a tunnel for a future field. We attempted to build it to make it easy to take down all three fields from one anchor in hopes of attracting attention to it and away from the tunnel links. Ideally the enlightened would take out that anchor and leave three carefully placed tunnels to help ensure Operation Nachos success.

The biggest hurdle we had to face were numerous blue blocking links. That not only impaired our plan to field Birmingham but also the planned operation nachos lanes. With numerous agents in position we believed that we could make the 8pm checkpoint and started throwing our links as soon as the lanes were clean. Unfortunately an unexpected blue blocker appeared from someone who was unaware of the operation and caused us to miss the 8pm checkpoint. We decided it would be best to throw the field regardless as we had already started to throw up the links and placing the tunnels was the true primary objective.

The great story of this operation is that while it was planned and dispatched by veteran agents the participants of the op were mostly new players who had started playing within the past few months. They all worked especially hard. If I left anyone off the list I sincerely apologize.